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Jeff Oatman CI CCC Life coach
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• Chronic Pain Management
• Fears and Phobia Release
• Insomnia
• Home and Work Stress Management
• Self Image / Self Confidence
• Re-inventing yourself for Success
• Life Coaching for Success
• Sports Coaching
• Public Speaking
• Relationship and Personal Stress
• Meeting new people anxiety

• Business Coaching
• Job Stress / Work Burnout
• Goal Setting
• "Melt Away" Weight Loss Programs

We offer one on one private MOTIVATIONAL life coaching sessions to teach you the art and science of self-hypnosis to empower you to make a positive shift in your thinking and motivational drive! We all have stuff, we teach you how to let go of it.
Advanced self confidence techniques and life management.
Jeff Oatman is always available post sessions to help council your success if you require additional assistance

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